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2022 - 20 to 22 June

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Integrated under the Research Project entitled Female Work (1850-1926): Azorean Histories (Ref. M1.1.C/C.S./022/2019/01), financed by the PRO-SCIENTIA programme, of the Regional Government of the Azores, this scientific event, of a multidisciplinary nature, has as a main objective the debate and analysis of the role of women in the professional world, in an urban context, from the 19th century to the mid-twentieth century. Highlighting figures, identifying female professions and economic and social contributions, as well as their echoes in culture and mentalities, is the central focus of this associated Gender Studies, aiming also to rise awareness of gender inequality and opportunities, across different geographies and eras.


Women in Litterature and Arts
Women in Health and Education
Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen and Scientists
Operárias, Camponesas e Artesãs


Work and Female Empowerment
Education, Emancipation and Feminism
Unique female carrers
Paper proposals must include:

– Title

– Name and institutional affiliation of the author

– Abstract (up to 350 words)

– Key words (up to 6)

– Abbreviated CV of the author

Languages of the Conference:

Portuguese, Spanish, English, French

Submission of proposals to:

Prazo: até 31 de março

Submission of acceptance letters and confirmation of participation: until april 30th

Delivery of final texts at the Conference.

Keynote Speakers

Universidade de Exeter

ZAKRESKI, Patricia

Universidade de Coimbra


Scientific Committee

  • Daniela Soares (CICS.NOVA.FCSH – Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
  • Filipa Lowndes Vicente (ICS - Univ. de Lisboa)
  • Irene Flunser Pimentel (IHC - Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
  • Irene Vaquinhas (CHSC - Univ. de Coimbra)
  • Izilda Matos (Pontifícia Universidade Católica – S. Paulo)
  • João Esteves (Agrupamento de Escolas de S. Bruno - Caxias)
  • Maria Alice Samara (IHC – Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
  • Monica Moreno Seco (Univ. Alicante)
  • Patrícia Zakreski (Univ. Exeter)
  • Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM Açores – Univ. Nova de Lisboa /

    Univ. dos Açores)

Organizing Committee

  • Bruna Valério (CHAM Açores – Univ. Nova de Lisboa / Univ. dos Açores)
  • Cristina Moscatel (CHAM Açores – Univ. Nova de Lisboa / Univ. dos Açores)
  • Daniela Soares (CICS.NOVA.FCSH – Univ. Nova de Lisboa)
  • N’zinga Oliveira (CHAM Açores – Univ. Nova de Lisboa / Univ. dos Açores)
  • Susana Serpa Silva (CHAM Açores – Univ. Nova de Lisboa / Univ. dos Açores)